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MA(Eng), MA(Pol.Sci), M.L(Mercantile Law), M.L(Property Law), Phd

The V.R.Krishnanezhuthachan Law College, Elavanchery,Nemmara is the first Law College in Palakkad district and is a boon to lakhs of students in Palakkad and adjoining districts in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.It is very important that the new generation can get Management degree (BB.A) and Law degree(LL.B)within just five years.
The Ezhuthachan Educational Society for HRD which has established this College is aiming at spreading education to everyone in the rural environment and it is evidenced by its first venture –The Thunchathezhuthachan College catering to more than 750 students and by its second venture the Law College. Community development is the main focus and motto of this society.
We are entering fifth year in promoting and spreading quality legal education in this rural sector.
V.R.Krishnanezhuthachan Law College is a committed institution to uplift the downtrodden and the needy people of this area..
In the 21st century the need for legal solution in this area can be conveniently, comfortably and legally met by the establishment of this law college.
This is an institution which provides a new avenue of legal studies for the betterment of this state as well as the country.
This centre for learning is a great boon for the society and the institution will all the time stand for right causes and justice.

About Us

V.R. Krishnan Ezhuthachan, in whose memory the college is named, was a veteran freedom fighter, legendary Congress leader, a fighting peasant leader, a patriarch in Gandhian constructive programme, Bhishmacharya in co-operative movement, a prudent editor with extraordinary journalistic skill, and above all a prolific writer in both Malayalam and English. He was the founder General secretary of Cochin state Prajamandalam - the political arm of congress party in the erstwhile Cochin native state before independence and also the founder editor of "Deenabandhu" the official organ of Congress party before and after independence. He was the architect of Congress party in erstwhile Cochin sate in to a truly mass based party, unlike in erstwhille Malabar district and pricely state of Travancore

He had authored many outstanding scholarly books including his own autobiography which won may laurels.

He had a glittering academic record, a gold medalist in S.S.L.C. stidied intermediate availing merit scholarship and passed B.A. Economics with first class and rank from Madras University. He took law degree(BL) with 1st rank from Trivandrum Govt. Law College and 3rd rank in Madras University in 1933. He was the first law graduate from Ezhuthachan community in Cochin.

His Guru in social and political field was his own father - in - law, a titan in socio- political field in erstwhile Cochin state Vakil. P. Kumaran Ezhuthachan - an active parliamentarian, five time member in Cochin State legislative council, a stormy politician and a crusading activist - Architect of Modern Cochin. Mr. Krishnan Ezhuthachan's parliamentary track record was unique and unparalleled; hewas a member in Cochin state legislative council and member of erstwhile Travancore- Cochin assembly representing Nenmara where the law college is situated.

When the Ezhuthachan educational society for human resources development got administrative sanction and NOC from Kerala Government to start a new law colleg at Elavanchery, Nenmara, Palakkad Dt. the society named it " V. R. Krishnan Ezhuthachan Law College " as a fitting memorial to the great leader.

Our Vision

          We aim at high goals to impart quality legal education to nourish the young minds with knowledge of law, teach them the nuances of the legal profession and equip them to the nitty-gritty of the profession. The course has been structured in such a way that the students can opt to have a specialized knowledge and insight in the particular branch they are interested in along with the general knowledge in all other subjects. This gives them edge which is imperative in this competitive world.

Our Mission
  • Achieving excellence in education
  • Development of principled leaders
  • To make a hub of innovation
  • To rise legal awareness in the community for a greater social and economic justice.
  • To achieve a law literate society
  • Higher levels of Endeavour and achievement.
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